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On July 11th, 2013,

Diane 10, Yasmin 8 & Kyle 5,

Lost their mother, Rochelle Valino, in a work-related accident, at the young age of only 28 years old in Cabanatuan City, Philippines.

Her husband and father of her three children, Michael Valino 34, had suffered a stroke 4 months prior, leaving him partially paralyzed and with kidney complications - requiring dialysis.

The children have no immediate family available to offer support and comfort during this difficult time - not to mention money for most of the life-supporting necessities previously provided by their mother.

They are relying solely on their aunt Divina in Canada ( Michaels's sister), who is requesting your assistance through this charity - from which all proceeds will go to hire a caring nanny for the children, caregiver for the father and to pay for medical expenses, food, clothing and schooling.


I am forever grateful for whatever contribution you are willing or able to make and promise to keep you updated periodically with any and all progress. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to learn more about this fund-raiser.

Sincerely yours,




by Divina Valino
It's been a while since we posted an update as we were managing fairly well considering the obvious situation. The girls and dad were forced to move out of their place as a precautionary measure due to heavy rains and flooding following Typhoon Haiyan. We collected $1490 so far and haven't made a pledge in a while but have spent over $9,000 for medical expenses and food, shelter and clothes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again, Divina Valino
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by Divina Valino

Thank you again to all our supporters.

This past week has been a bit of a setback as the typhoons wreaked havoc on many areas of Philippines. When this happens, stagnant waters and underdeveloped sewage systems tend to create an enticing environment for mosquitos and Dengue fever.

Michael (girl's father & my brother) had the misfortune of getting bitten by one and had to be rushed to the hospital. Because of his existing conditions following his stroke, the complications were a bit more severe and he is still in the hospital. We’re hopeful that he’ll be out soon.

The 3 girls are doing okay and are being watched by a caring neighbour. Diane 10, has obviously taken over the role of mother, making sure her sisters are fed and well taken care of.

Will hopefully have better news next time. Thanks again, Divina

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by Divina Valino
Fundraiser has reached $1,000 and we are happy to let you know that Divina is preparing 3 boxes to go out this week with clothes, food and supplies for the girls and father. Divina's brother is out of the hospital and requires one more dialysis treatment before he can resume walking - following his stroke. Each treatment is $1,000 and we have paid for 4 already. Nanny is $100 a month (very affordable) and we may have found a really good canditate.
Thank you again for all your support and we'll continue to keep you posted.
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by Divina Valino

Special thanks to all of you who have supported this intimate fund-raiser by making your generous donations. The girls were notified of this and seem to be excited after having lived through such a disheartening and daunting experience.

I will keep you posted as often as I can.

God bless,

Divina Valino

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