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A dream has finally been realized for The Sato Project – we are opening our own sanctuary in Boston!  We are incredibly proud to announce that The Sato Project at Shultz’s Guest House will open August 1st! 

We have to give huge thanks to Shultz’s Guest House for their incredible generosity and to Lucy and Annie from Pee Happy for being such champions of our work and helping to make this dream come true.

Imagine the most beautiful location you have ever seen – manicured green lawns, rolling hills as far as the eye can see and the Charles River flowing through.   All on a 200-acre private farm in green belt just 20 minutes south of downtown Boston.  The custom built kennels and runs are situated in a renovated horse barn and will provide the ultimate in comfort and sanctuary to our Puerto Rican rescues.  Each dog will have its own indoor kennel with an attached run that is always accessible.  The kennels have both air conditioning and heat. In addition to lots of space inside the kennel each dog has its own personal 50 feet x 50 feet, fenced-in play space that has grass, trees and a dog house for naps!  There is also a large ‘socialization’ and play area for the dogs that is the size of a football field!  We could not have dreamed a more perfect setting for our first sanctuary and we know our dogs are going to love being there. 

The first Puerto Rican treasures will arrive to Boston on July 31st. Ten dogs and puppies that had been left to die on Dead Dog Beach will begin their new lives in Boston!   We can think of no better place for our dogs to go….The Sato Project has a huge fan base and following in the Massachusetts area and it is also home to more than 30 of our rescues already. 

The dogs we are rescuing have been horrifically abused both physically and mentally yet they have the incredible capacity to be rehabilitated, to trust and to love.  They mirror the incredible spirit of the citizens of Boston.  Our Puerto Rican rescue dogs are Boston Strong… And we are very proud to be there.

This is an enormous undertaking for us. We had not planned on opening sanctuary this year but we will make it happen with your support. We need YOU our incredible supporters to help to make The Sato Project at Shultz’s Guest House a success.  We are starting a chip-in that will help us transport of the first 10 dogs coming from Puerto Rico and towards our initial operating costs.

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