Snow Needs a Dental

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Snow has gone back onto insulin and needs a dental. We hope that, along with proper insuln therapy, will put him back into diabetic remission.

Snow was adoted almost a year ago, dodging a death sentence at a San Francisco shelter. He ended up at the shelter after surviving two previous caregivers. Snow is much beloved in his new home and has decided he is the Alpha cat.

Donations for Snows dental are elible for tax deduction on US federal, state, and local tax returns. DCIN is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and its empoyer ID number is 45-4519681. With your donation through PayPal, you will receive a receipt. If your donation exceeds $250, please contact me at and I will send you separate documentation of your donation as required by the IRS.



by Diabetic Cats in Need
August 24, 2013--A miracle happened today. RenaRF stepped up to help with Snow's dental fundraiser and appealed to the members of a political blog that she and Snow's Mom have belonged to for many years. In about 12 hours, that group donated almost $1700 towards Snow's $2000 dental, and it appears the dental may be fully funded soon.

Thank you so much for taking the lead on this, Rena, and for thinking outside the box. The animal rescue community often is very stretched for money, and approaching alternative sources can help us help our extra-sweet babies. Rena's post on The Daily Kos is at ~Venita

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