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Shelter dogs need transport

$640raised of $2,000 goal

Organizer: Amanda Pierzowski Beneficiary: Windy City Animal Rescue

Planning to drive to Cali to save some dogs and transport cross country - Need help to raise money for health certificates, crates and gas costs etc.

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planning to rent a van and transport 20 or so dogs to their forever homes or rescues - help us make this possible!! Planning to leave Chicago mid September if all goes well :) the only way rescues can pull more dogs is if we can get our fosters cleared of dogs and into their new homes - this is to help cover vetting of new dogs to be pulled and fixed and for things listed below to help me make this possible -- let's save a TON of lives!!!!! Can't do it without your help!! 

what we need to cover for the trip:

Van rental for ten days  $750

20 - health certificates ($35 each)

gas costs
 from Cali to IL  

crates of various sizes 

large bag of food and bowls for feeding 

leashes and collars 

blankets/dog beds
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by Amanda Pierzowski
Half way there!!!  Come on guys!!! Help us reach our goal to save these babies in need!! 
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by Amanda Pierzowski
Leaving Thursday September 5th - keep sharing guys!! 
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