Save Mickey

$5,600raised of $5,000 goal

Beneficiary: The Lexus. Project Organizer: The Lexus Project

This fundraiser is closed

Mickey is facing death because an unsupervised 4 year old child went onto Mickeys property while Mickey was enjoying his bone. The child tried to take the bone away from Mickey. Mickey went to grab his bone back and attacked the child in the face.

Together with the law firm of John Schill we will try to save poor confused Mickey who is being punished for doing what dogs do and what children should be taught not to.

He is sad and very confused. He deserves to be fought for.

As with all fundraisers, if there is any funds left over from the case and after paying  court and shelter fees, any remaining funds will go into the general fund to help other dogs in need. All money raised goes to help dogs who are in jeopardy. 

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