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Beneficiary: The Lexus Project Organizer: The Lexus Project

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Maya's defense fund is starting out with $1000.00 from another case which ended with surplus. It does not show up, but it's there. For a balance of what's in account, add $1000.00 please note that money taken out does not appear in this total. 

As  is June 13, we have used $650.00 of the money collected for Maya's case.
transcripts - $360.00

Maya's owners words:
Jason was walking our dog, who was on a leash, to our front door when our neighbors opened their door and an unleashed smaller dog ran towards our dog. Our dog pulled forward and her leash broke, but the dogs just sniffed each other. The owner of the black dog saw the two together and began shouting, which caused the two dogs to begin fighting, and then she stepped in the middle of the dog fight and our dog bit her on the upper arm."
the Lexus project will be handing this case. Because TLP is located in NYs, the same state this case is in, Genral Counsel will be taking this case himself. They are located 9 hours away and will need to fly to Rochester several times.
 Because it appears that animal control in Rochester does not comply with the legal requirements of NYS dangerous dog law, which offers a lot if protection to the dog, we feel its necessary to litigate this issue in the state supreme court  force them to respect dog owners rights.Winning this will not only benefit Maya, but all dog owners.
As always, If there are any funds that are not used for Maya after her case is settled, t.p will use the funds of other dogs in need.

******TLP will transfer  $1000.00 from a recent case that had excess funds. It does not show up, but the money is there!
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