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Beneficiary: Orphans In Irkutsk, Russia Organizer: Anastasia Yoder/Greg Yoder

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At 3 1/2 years old, Anastasia Yoder (pictured here) was adopted from Irkutsk, Russia in the heart of Siberia. Today, she's a vibrant 14 year old, who loves sports, music, hanging out with friends and loves the Lord.

Last year, she found out Russian Ministries had started a program called, Gift of Hope in her former city. It's a program to send Christmas gifts and God's word to orphaned children in the former Soviet Union. She decided to raise money to send gifts to all of the children in her former orphanage, out of gratitude for her care-givers taking care of her and as a way to tell these children that God loves them.

She was able to raise more than $5,000 with the help for friends and relatives.

This year, she'd like to do even more. So, she's partnering with other young people who were adopted from the same region of Russia, to send even more gifts.  Nikolas Yonkers, Annika Tuls, Matt and Katie Olsen and Anastasia hope to raise enough money to send gifts to more than 5,000 kids this Christmas.

Each gift costs $25. The money is collected and sent to a trusted church in the region. They then purchase toys, candy, hygiene items and God's word to distribute to children in orphanages.

These gifts allow the local church to gain access to the orphanages where they hand out the gifts, but also share the Good News of Jesus Christ through Christmas programs.

Be as generous as you can! If your church would like to adopt this as a Christmas project, please contact me (Greg) at (616) 648-0062, or email me at

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