Oreo Needs Help!

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Organizer: Nelia Southwick Beneficiary: Kitt Crusaders

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Oreo was supposed to be feral.  He was supposed to be rescued from death row at the shelter, neutered, and set free in a feral colony.  But Oreo is not feral.  What he is:  very sick!  He has an unidentified infection, is dehydrated, congested, emaciated, and hyper-thyroid.  He is currently hospitalized on IV fluids and antibiotics.

Hospital charges are $60 per day, please help if you can!


by Nelia Southwick
Oreo is finally out of iso and is feeling much better!  His upper respiratory infection is under control, but he is still Hyperthyroid, so will need to be on medicaton for that.  Hopefully, he will start gaining weight now that he is feeling better, and we can try to get his thyroid condition under control!

But we only raised a fraction of what his vet bill amounted to!  His vetting came to $1600.00!    Please help us raise more money to cover his hospital stay so we don't lose our vet!
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