Okiciyap Holiday Fundraiser

$4,024raised of $2,500 goal

Beneficiary: Okiciyap food pantry Organizer: betson08 and Emily Penick

This fundraiser is closed
Any money you donate will be used for a Christmas party on Dec 21. This will include the dinner and gifts for children, elders and volunteers.

Want to send a gift instead of cash? Okiciyap has identified 40 children who need Christmas gifts. Gifts that encourage creativity would be the best. These include crayons and coloring books, art sets and games. Boys will always love action figures though.

People have already been sending a lot of hats and scarves, so the focus is now on gloves and mittens. There is a greater need for older children this year, so get the larger sizes.

The elders really need every day items, as well as heating help. So, they need cash. If you'd like to donate funds for gifts for elders, write a note in the message section of the donation from directing saying you want your donation to go to Elder Gifts.

Gift Cards for Volunteers

We are also going to give gifts to the volunteers again this year. There should be about 15. If you'd like to donate to this fund, leave a note in the message section indicating that you'd like your donation to go to Volunteer Gift Cards.

Georgia Little Shield founded the pantry with this vision: that nobody should ever go hungry on the Cheyenne Reservation and that youth should grow up to be healthy adults free from the current scourges on the reservation: suicide, alcoholism ;and low educational attainment. We aim to fulfill these goals through partnerships that help people move towards independence, maintain pride and dignity, and realize their potential

We are an official 501 (c)3 organization, which means your contributions are tax deductible.
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