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New Life Orphanage

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Organizer: Alex Eckhout Beneficiary: New Life Orphanage, Accra, Ghana

The New Life orphanage outside of Accra, Ghana is where I will be volunteering with my mom and sister for two weeks. They rely on donations to stay in operation and are looking to take in more kids.

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Hi everyone! So my mom, sister and I are heading to Ghana for two weeks to volunteer at the New Life Orphanage. It is run by Cephas Mensah Afotey and his family, and it relies on donations to stay in operation. Here are his words:

"I believe that it is my, along with every Ghanaians’, civic duty to consider the plight of the innocent. Through no fault of their own these children have found themselves in a world deprived of education, shelter, food, protection and care. This world is often violent and abusive, this world is self-proliferating, it is in this world that children turn to drugs, prostitution and other crimes, this world can only be changed by direct intervention. I believe that together we can intervene and together we can make a genuine and sustained difference.  It is for these reasons that I keep going and it is for these reasons that I am now appealing for help."

You can read about their expansion plans here: Please donate anything you can. I will be bringing medical supplies, footballs and other games but anything you can give means a bigger impact for the kids. 

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by Alex Eckhout
Today was my last day at the orphanage and we had eight new mattresses delivered! Many of the kids sleep three or four to a bed and some only have thins mats. They told me, "thank you Alex tonight we will dream!" We also used a small amount of  the money to buy new shoes, new curtains for all the kids' rooms and a new football. Thank you for your donations! 
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