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Macy - 5 Week Old Puppy Locked in a Crate Outside

$335raised of $300 goal

Organizer: Dogs Deserve Better Beneficiary: Macy

This sweet innocent 5 week old puppy was locked in a small wire crate OUTSIDE in 30 degree temps for a week before DDB was alerted & able to rescue her. Now she needs her shots, worming and spay soon.

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Meet Macy -

Although she is just 5 weeks old, her life was already looking pretty grim. She was not even old enough to be pulled from her mother or her siblings at 4 weeks old, but that did not matter to the person who was selling her. Someone offered up some cash and Macy was handed over to her new "owner" who wanted to breed her and sell her pups.

Macy was placed in a small wire crate that had no plastic bottom. She lived on the wire base. She was forced to live in her own feces. There was no cover to this crate to protect her from the elements. The crate was put OUTSIDE the home of the person who purchased her. The wind raged through the crate making her poor little body ache from the cold. At 5 weeks old, this poor baby just wanted the warmth of her mommy and littermates yet she found herself completely alone, terrified and freezing outside in the bitter winter nights. What kind of monster does this to a baby?

Once alerted to the situation by the neighbor who heard the dog's desperate agonizing cries for help, one of the employees from the Good Newz Rehab Center went to the home. After a very intense conversation about animal cruelty, the owner finally agreed to hand the pup over to Dogs Deserve Better. Finally Macy was in the warm embrace of loving arms.

She is the sweetest little girl! Her life is now full of hope and determination. She will stay at a foster home near Good Newz Rehab Center until she is adopted into the PERFECT forever family! Macy will never remember this horrific start to her young life. She will only know a loving family, a warm bed, a full tummy and a big fenced yard to run and play in when she is outside!

We are raising the funds needed for Macy to be fully vetted. She will need the works, all her shots, de-worming, spay (she will be spayed when she is old enough and will not leave the foster's home until all her vetting is complete).

THANK YOU for your continued support so that dogs just like Macy don't have to endure another single day of Hell on Earth. With your help, we ARE making a difference. Together we make miracles happen!

We will continue to give updates on Macy and her progress with Dogs Deserve Better and her foster mom. Stay tuned!

~ Macy and DDB
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