In Memory of Lil B

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Organizer: Sgt. Thomas Homan Beneficiary: No Dog Gets Left Behind and Puppy Rescue Mission

Please help me in honoring my girl, Lil B who I just lost to cancer by purchasing a "Team B" bracelet for $3! All proceeds will benefit Puppy Rescue Mission and No Dog Gets Left Behind.

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Lil B and I met in Afghanistan in 2011. She was just a dirty little puppy roaming the streets at the time until my squad found her. We began to look after her, feed her and play with her for she was a part of home that we so long awaited to return to. She brightened our days, provided us with comfort and filled our hearts with happiness laughter and smiles. I for one fell in love with her and the thought of leaving her behind began to haunt me as our time in Afghanistan was nearing it's end. I enlisted the help of my family, my sister especially, to help get her home. We had no idea how or who to contact so we began a Facebook page and asked for support. It was at that time that FOX News decided to do a story which eventually led us to No Dog Gets Left Behind and Puppy Rescue Mission. Two amazing Organizations based in the United States with their founders dedicated to helping soldiers by allowing them to rescue their newly found best friends from War Torn countries.

Over the last 2.5 years Lil B has been by my side guiding me in the right direction by helping me through my troubles. She is the best pup I could ever imagine to have by my side. So full of love, compassion, selflessness; she's just a gentle giant.

About two weeks ago she became sick. I took her to the vet ran multiple tests over the course of two weeks and recently discovered that she has Stage 5 Lymphoma. My heart aches to know that my best friend and savior is ill to the point of no return. I have taken her to the vet and received her medication and chemo thanks to Puppy Rescue Mission and No Dog Gets Left Behind! If it was not for these two I wouldn't have been able to do all of this. 

I want to personally thank each and everyone one of you who helped, supported and prayed for us. I love you all! God Bless

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by Sgt. Thomas Homan
Hey everyone! TEAM B bands just came in so if you haven't received yours yet no worries because they're on their way!! we had to get more because your all amazing and they're going like hot cakes! So far to date we've raised an astonishing $4300.00 to benefit both organizations!!!! thank you everyone and your bands are on their way!!!!!
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by Sgt. Thomas Homan
So far to date all of you, TEAM B have raised $4153.00!! I cant thank you enough for all of your endless support, healing words and generous donations! It's because of people like you all that we serve our country! You make us proud to do what we do! Thank you so much from myself (Sgt. Homan) and everyone at TEAM B. We love you all!!! Thank you!
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