I am ONE! Safe Place Expansion Project

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Beneficiary: Safe Place Children's Shelter Organizer: Hand in Hand

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Over 400 children were taken from their home and placed in Foster Care last year in Snohomish County alone. Foster Children are often removed in the middle of the night, scared and confused, with their belongings stuffed in a black plastic garbage bag. For these children, Safe Place is a welcoming home environment for children entering foster care; meeting their immediate needs for shelter, food, clothes, and medical while the right placement is found.


The only shelter of its kind serving birth to age 12, Safe Place Shelter serves on the frontline for urgent care -- helping children forcibly removed from their homes by Child Protective Services due to violence, abuse, neglect, drug use, and other dangerous circumstances. Each year we shelter and care for over 200 discarded and often traumatized children.


Right now we’re forced to turn away over 100 children due to our limited facilities -- despite the urgent need to care for terrified children. However, with a modest facility renovation, Safe Place can add a second sleeping area -- allowing us to shelter an additional 50 to 100 displaced children each year.  You can help by giving just $25, 50 or even $100 towards our Safe Place expansion.


By helping our kids you become ONE! Donate now to make a difference in the life of ONE more child! THANK YOU!  

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