Helping struggling families at Christmas time

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Beneficiary: Struggling families at Christmas time Organizer: Ebony Price

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The holidays can be an amazing, loving, family filled, food filled time of year! Unfortunately for some its just a sad reminder of what they don't have. Its a depressing time because they will not be able to provide a tangible Christmas for their family. " Things " aren't everything, but memories of Christmas Day are forever edged in all of our memories. Whether they are pleasant memories or depressing memories. We aim to help create pleasant memories for these families. Many organizations offer help. However so many organizations have age limits , specific age ranges leaving some kids taken care of and some kids in the same family with nothing. As long as you have children ( birth to 18)  we will accept your application. Whether it's by birth or legal adoption. Family is family and we want to help those who need help. 

How we will help with your donations?!

An application is submitted by interested parents/grandparents/guardians along with a hand written letter. Each application is processed and each letter is read. There will be a waiting list. For struggling families a Target/ WalMart or Kmart gift card of $ 100 gift card will be sent to the family along with a personal letter from us, giving all accolades to our amazing donors and only asking that a picture of their christmas morning be sent so we can share those images on this site for donors to see how their donations blessed others.  

We aim to help 100 struggling families Christmas 2013. Please help us reach our goal! 
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