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$11raised of $10,000 goal

Beneficiary: NF Family Foundation Organizer: Dana Iniguez

The focus of NF Family Foundation is to reach out to individuals and families with neurofibromatosis who struggle financially as well as personally due to medical issues.  Raising a family and thriving in our society is difficult enough without the added pressures of a disability.  We realize first hand what kind of stress that brings into a family.  Our goal is to reach out our hand to help those struggling families by...

1) Making home and hospital visits to bring care packages and a little company.

 2) Helping make out of area visits as easy as    
     possible by working with other 
clinics and
     agencies to find affordable accommodations for
     your stay.

 3) Providing some financial help with  
     accommodations for out of area visits.*

 4) Helping with a portion of transportation costs to
     individuals for out of area 

 5) Providing some assistance for families with a
     loved one out of town or in 
hospitals by arranging
     meal deliveries or grocery deliveries.*

 6) Helping with co-pays or costs of medically
     deemed equipment or tests not 
covered by

 7) Providing some assistance to families seeking
     alternative therapies such as 
horseback riding,
     swimming and adaptive sports not covered by

 8) Continuing to spread awareness throughout the
     medical and social community 
by organizing large
     events to bring attention to the cause.

 9) Supporting our families by helping them form
     strong bonds with others in the 

* Available on an "as needed" basis to families who qualify.  Please see the request for assistance page for further information.

In order to do more large fundraising events we need funds for expenses.  We have a lot in store for 2013!

Please visit our web page at for more information.

My son's struggles will not be in vain...thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dana Iniguez - President

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