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Beneficiary: The Spot Teen Club Organizer: Latoya Kleinhans

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This is a new Teen Club to be located in Port Clinton. We will be providing the local and surrounding teens a safe place that provides them with free tutoring, and study tables. We will also be having teen organized dance parties and comcerts on the weekends. This will be for ages 13-senior in high school. This town has nothing for our teens to do and we want to provide them with something to do. We will also have games for them to play, a concession stand for them to purchase items as well. This is something that is much needed in Port Clinton Ohio. We have alot of parents and community members that are on board with this project. We need your help to purchase game systems, tv's, board games, ping pong tables, pool table and to make this dream a reality. Please help with whatever you can do it will all be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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