Help save one of the last community funded floats in WA!!

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Organizer: Denise Davis, West Seattle Hi-Yu, President Beneficiary: West Seattle Hi-Yu Community Float

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Hello! We are West Seattle Hi-Yu,  a small nonprofit community festival organization serving the large peninsula of West Seattle.  Since 1934 Hi-Yu has represented West Seattle in and out of our community at local events and in service opportunities.  Through our scholarship program and parade float, we carry the good will and joy of our community all over Western Washington, including the annual Seattle Seafair Torchlight Parade. 

Now in our 80th year of operation, we are in NEED!

We decorate our float year after year solely with community support. In fact we are the last community-sponsored float in the area and donations do not meet our needs.  Our 1968 Oldsmobile float base needs major repair and our old trailer has worn out. Please help us save this parade icon!!



by Denise Davis, West Seattle Hi-Yu, President
Thanks to our early donors!!  The float is being decorated for this year's set of parades.  The theme-Alice in Wonderland.

We will be getting in touch with a mechanic once we work up the nerve to find out the total cost of maintenance and repairs.  What's the adage-don't ask the question you really don't want the answer to?
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