Help Sadie & Murphy Beat Parvo

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Beneficiary: Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland Organizer: Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland

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Sadie and Murphy are beautiful 8 week puppies who were rescued, along 31 others, from horrendous conditions.  Sadie and Murphy are sweet, loving, and outgoing puppies.  Unfortuantely, they came down with Parvo a few short days after being rescued.  Their fosters were quick thinking and they were seen immediately.  Our worst fears were realized when they were both diagnosed with Parvo, a devastating and deadly virus.  Parvo is treatable, but is expensive because it requires hospitalization until the puppies immune system can kick in.

Since both puppies were taken to the vet early on, their prognosis is very good.  However, the vet estimates that it will cost approximately $5,000 to pay for their lifesaving treatments.

Please help contribute to the costs of the puppies' recovery - every contribution helps!  Every single penny goes towards their medical bills...and please continue to check in for their updates!\

Any funds raised over the $5,000 estimate will be sent directly to a medical fund for future medical emergencies, or animals with medical needs that are in need of rescue.  Thank you!
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