Help Restore Colorado's Flood-damaged Big Thompson River

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Beneficiary: Big Thompson River Restoration Coalition - WRV Organizer: Claire Griebenow

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The Big Thompson River flood of September 12, 2013 changed “The Big T” from a stable source of clean water and an iconic canyon to a raging torrent, destroying roads, homes, bridges, farms and ranches.  Once recognized as one of Colorado’s premier trout fisheries, the Big Thompson River has been reduced to cobble and rock beds in many places. Unstable river banks and channels have left roads, bridges and homes at further risk from normal spring floods, requiring immediate action. While the floodwaters have receded, the work to restore the river has just begun.  


You can help by supporting  The Big Thompson River Restoration Coalition (BTRRC).  We are  a volunteer group of riverfront property owners, community members, outdoor enthusiasts, non-profit groups, businesses, and public agencies working together to restore The Big Thompson River to provide a healthy and natural flowing river, ensuring it remains a vital and essential element of outdoor life in Colorado for generations to come.  

The major goals of the Big Thompson River Restoration Coalition are:  

  1. Near-term recovery of key infrastructure needed for municipal, agricultural, property owner and recreational users, such as ditch diversions, roads, bridges and access points, in ways that complement and enhance long-term, comprehensive river restoration goals.

  2. Restoration and enhancement of riverbed structure and water flows to optimize habitat for fish and aquatic life.

  3. Establishment of riparian and wetland plant communities along river banks to enhance water quality, encourage species diversity, and improve scenic values.

  4. Incorporation of designs that reduce the risk to life and property during future flood events through responsible use and management of natural floodplains.

Your donation will be put directly to work to restore riverside vegetation, enhance fish habitat, remove debris, and put tools and food in the hands of hundreds of volunteers.  100% of your donation goes to The Big Thompson River Restoration Coalition’s account, managed by our Fiscal  Sponsor, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, a non-profit charitable organization with an impressive track record in restoring landscapes affected by disasters, such as the High Park Fire.


Any amount helps. Together we can make a difference for “The Big T”.   


For more information, and to hear from community members supporting this project, please visit our website at The Big Thompson River Restoration Coalition

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