Help me get a 501c3

$325raised of $1,100 goal

Beneficiary: Windy City Animal Rescue Organizer: Amanda Pierzowski

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Hi there! I am a true animal lover and have been networking, adopting, rescuing and helping these San Bernardino/LA pups and the past three months and Im now so addicted and would really like to not have to ask others juror help or if they can pull for me - I'd love to be able to raise funds to file for my own 501c3 as soon as possible - many of you see my dedication to these animals and I don't give up until the jobs done. I've saved / helped save 33 dogs the past 3 months and am not stopping here - help me reach my goal and let's see how many more animals we can save as a team!! 

Share this fundraiser all over - the sooner the funds can be raised the sooner I can file and that's one step closer to many many more animals lives saved :)
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