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Gods Creatures Deserve To Live inc, is a 501c3 Non-Profit animal Rescue. I like to think of them more as an animal sanctuary than anything else. They need help raising money so that they can help as many animals as possible! They not only take in all animals, but also the extreme cases. Ms Jenny and Mr Chris will spend their own money to make sure the animals are fed and well cared for. They are a new 501c3 and I am trying to raise money to help them out. They already easily have close to 60 dogs and puppies, 1 cat, and 2 horses they take care of and they are trying to build more kennels so that they can help even more. They take in not only the animals who can be adopted out, but lost animals and those animals who can not ever be adopted out. They care and love each animal so much you that as soon as you set foot on their property you can feel it in the air! So Please Lets Help them RAISE MONEY for the ANIMALS!!! If you would like to send supplies or additional donations please send them to 3221 Camden Highway, Dalzell SC, 29040. Please visit their facebook page at:!/G.C.D.T.L?fref=ts.
Thank you for any and all donations and support!Please
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