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Beneficiary: Saving Shelter Dogs, Inc. Organizer: Jackie Beiro

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WHY DO I RESCUE DOGS? The answer for me is personal; it's more of a calling. I love dogs. Reaching out to literally save a life that moments earlier would have been forcibly taken and destroyed, is almost an indescribable feeling, unless you've done it before. I take it personal that we kill millions of dogs in America every year because they are temporarily homeless. It's just wrong. Everyday I try to do my part to help right this wrong, through rescue, through education on ownership, and through talking with the community about the importance of spay/neuter; being in the business of saving lives. Rescuing dogs is a humbling yet powerful feeling, but frankly, I would rather not have the job. I would rather every dog have a home, and no dogs are killed if they don't have one at the moment.

I love dogs, but LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH when you decide to rescue one, or two, or four dogs. Pulling a dog from the shelter is only the beginning of rescue. While our rescue dogs celebrate their new life of freedom, that FREEDOM COMES WITH A PRICE. They were all very sick when they walked out of the high kill shelter and were rescued. One of them is still sick! It costs to bring an animal back to their healthiest best, and although the animal has been rescued, people forget there are daily costs of upkeep.  Everything costs money. Nursing them back to health costs money. If you own an animal, you know vet bills are outrageous. Plus, they all have to eat everyday, twice a day, and there are supplies we need. We've reached into our pockets until there is no more to reach for. We exist off of donations, and frankly, that's scary because donations aren't always there. I'm just being open and honest here. We're reaching out to you to ask for help, no matter how small. Rescue is a team effort. All we're asking is that you help us make sure our rescue dogs do not go hungry. Can we count on you?
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