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Edison the Labradoodle

$4,050raised of $4,000 goal

Organizer: Faithful Friends Animal Rescue Beneficiary: Edison the Labradoodle

Help Edison the Labroodle who was found after being hit by a car.

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You can visit Edison's facebook page @!/EdisonsPage to learn more! 

Edison was found on 4/6/13 in Sterling Heights, severly injured.  A kindly person found him and got him to an emergency vet until his owners could be found.  After a day networking, his owners were found.  We since learned that Edison had been on his own for one month and was an extremely fearful boy.  His owners had only had him 18 hours before he broke free of his leash and got away.  Sadly, due the owners just have spent thousdands to save another pet who had since deceased combined with Edison's fear issues, they were unable to keep him going forward and surrendered him to Faithful Friends Animal Rescue so his injuries could be treated.

He has two broken rear legs - one at the hip joint, which is going to involve a surgical repair.  He is also going to need extensive physical rehabilitation so this site has been established to try and raise money for his medical care - so far estimated to be $3000-$4000 range. 

Because we are a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity, all donations are tax deductible.  Please email us @ if you have additional questions.
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by Faithful Friends Animal Rescue
Many thanks to everyone who has so generously donated towards Edison's care.  He continues to be doing great in his foster home with Daryl, his original "finder" and Daryl's own dog, Patches!  Today, Edison will be dropped off for his 2nd surgery which is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, April 20, 2013.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers so that his 2nd surgery is as successful as his first!  In addition to the money raised on this site we have also received $220 in check donations so again - thank you to everyone who has contributed.  Every donation, no matter how small, is so appreciated!!
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by Faithful Friends Animal Rescue
Edison is famous!  He and his amazing finder Daryl told their story to the Channel 4 news!!
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by Faithful Friends Animal Rescue
Edison will be having surgery on 4/10/13 for one of his broken legs.  His other leg will be better evaluated while he's under to determine the severity of the other break.  He's a great boy with a strong will to live!  Words cannot express our thanks for the outpouring of support - both moral and financial, that everyone has shown him in his time of need!  Thank you all!
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