Dwight Kempf's Angels

$6,238raised of $5,000 goal

Beneficiary: Dwight Kempf's Angels Organizer: Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family

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105 brave men and women jumped into their cars-gear in hand to respond willingly to a rescue needed at Ellisons Cave in Walker County Georgia. Little did they know this was going to be the rescue of the year. Dwight Kempf 54 of Orefield. Pa. was an experienced caver and was doing a crossover from Incredible Pit to Fantastic when he slipped and fell approx. 30ft into a pit. With a broken femur and fractured skull almost 24 hrs later these 105 people along with his caving buddies all became his angels and saved his life. In Lieu of sending flowers the family would like to send donations to the local cave rescues. Please reach into your pocket to help raise money for instruction and equipement so these angels can continue what they do best!
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