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We have moved our funsraising information to a dedicated website!  Please go to www.cleanerlakes.com and visit us there.  :-D


by Henry Wang
We have moved our funsraising information to a dedicated website!  Please go to www.cleanerlakes.com and visit us there.  :-D

by Henry Wang
Today, our very own Mike Delany came out to help with a clean up dive at Caulfeild Cove.  We retrieved another 581.9 lbs from the cove. Officially making it the most polluted site that we cleaned todate.  We even had one of our sponsors, Arc'teryx, send one of their staff to help haul garbage out of the water.

This brings our total garbage removed from our environment to 8,356.7 lbs so far.

by Henry Wang
816 lbs of garbage removed from Caulfield Cove in West Van and we aren't even remotely close to being done.  :-(

Look for the launch of our new website soon.  Total weight removed so far is 7,765.2lbs.

by Henry Wang
Yeah, I know. These pictures are getting kind of repetitive and tiresome to look at. Perhaps that is the point. &nbsp;John and I removed another 300 lbs of garbage from Deep Cove underneath the government dock...in about 20 minutes. &nbsp;Bottles, cans, three bicycles, tire, boat trim, fishing gear, and one brand new skateboard. &nbsp;<br /><br />Our total weight removed to-date is 6,949.2lbs.

by Henry Wang
The dive crew headed to Alta Lake and Lost Lake in Whistler for a little clean up with the help of Whistler local, Kimiko Taguchi, who organized boats, breakfast, lunch, and other local volunteers to make this sunny and warm event very successful!

Today's haul was approximately 800 lbs, bringing our total weight to-date to 6,649.2lbs.

by Henry Wang
Another lovely clean up dive, albeit a little more dangerous due to the overhead environment and entaglement hazards.  Today was our second clean up dive at Cat Lake in Squamish.  A smaller crew this time but still highly effective divers.  A big shout out to Nester's Market in Squamish.  They donated $50 gift card for the divers to get some burgers for lunch.  Wayne came out and play chef for the hungry divers, who pulled up 158.1 lbs of garbage.

Total removed todate is 5,849.2 lbs.   

by Henry Wang
Yay, back on track after a bit of time off.  Today, John and I headed up to Whistler to do a bit of clean up at Lost Lake.  It's a big lake with three docks. We could only reach two of the docks by ourselves.  The bottom was deep with sediment, so it was pretty hard to clean.  We still managed to remove 131.6 lbs of garbage with just the two of us.  The total weight removed to-date is 5,691.1 lbs.

by Henry Wang
Four divers and one non-diver who provided surface support by doing a shore line clean up as well as brought us cookies and hot chocolate (thanks Jen!), spent a few hours at Murrin Lake (Squamish BC) today.

We got 168.1lbs of garbage, bringing our running total to 5,559.5lbs of garbage.  Today's garbage was the usual suspects of beer bottles, cans, snorkle gear, children's toys, and fishing gear.

The interesting thing was the approximately four dozen dead fish that we encountered.  We will be reporting this to the local newspaper as well as the conservation officer as this might be important data.

by Henry Wang
We were invited to attend a friend's beach clean up day.  Our dive crew was responsible for cleaning underneath the public dock which we had previously completed a survey dive and knew there was a boat there.

We ended up recovering an 18 foot boat complete with two engines!  The estimated weight is about 2,500 lbs including some of the other garbage we pulled up.

This brings our total weight removed todate to 5,391.4 lbs.

by Henry Wang
We found the wallet owner and it is on its way back to him via the Coquitlam RCMP.  The wallet owner did some cliff jumping at Buntzen Lake 10 years and ago lost his wallet there.  Kind of a neat story to share with your friends!  :-D

by Henry Wang
This week, with the help of a few paddlers from Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak and a Scout leader from White Rock, we went back out to Buntzen Lake.  The paddlers were instrumental in helping to tow the divers out to the East side cliffs of the lake.

We managed to collect 281.6 lbs of garbage. A lot of bottles and cans again.  Interesting find of the day, a man's wallet complete with ID and cash that's been in the water for over 10 years!  We will try to locate him to reunite him with his lost wallet.

Total weight of garbage removed to date is 2,891.4 lbs. 

by Henry Wang
A small dive crew with some land support went to a secluded lake called Edith Lake.  It is about two km behind Alice Lake.  The park ranger suggested that we have a look at it to see if there is any garbage as no one has ever dove in it before.  The bottom was extremely silty and present a fairly significant challenge diving condition.  We could only recover 163.8lbs of garbage before losing so much visibility that we could no longer clean.

This brings our total to 2,609.8 lbs of garbage removed. 

by Henry Wang

This past Thursday found us putting two divers in to Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver to have a quick inspection for garbage at the request of Surfriders who are coorinating a beach clean up day.  Boy, oh boy! Is that water ever polluted!  What do you expect for a working downtown harbour.  Having said that, we found very little garbage. We quickly made short work of the stuff that we did see.  We were also very encouraged by the amount of marine life that we did see.  There were lots of good sized crabs, little sea squirts, tube worm anemones, and other intertidal creatures.  Good day.

This coming Thursday will take us to Edith Lake behind Alice Lake in Squamish.  The park ranger has asked us to go have a look. This should be fun!

by Henry Wang
We went back to Caulfeild Cove in West Vancouver today for an anticipated big garbage haul and we weren't disappointed.  Five divers in the water hauled out 498.7 lbs of garbage in less than an hour.  378 booze bottles of assorted sizes and 63 golf balls.  The sad part is that this is our second dive to the same area and last dive we pulled out 124 bottles and 60 golf balls... and we are not even done yet.  There are a lot more bottles there.

The good news is that our total weight of garbage removed is now up to 2,446 lbs.  We are officially over a ton!

We also made the evening news.

by Henry Wang
From Nov 2013 to today, we have picked up 1,947.3 lbs of garbage from our lakes and ocean. We are going out to Caulfeild Cove this Thursday.  We should have no problems bringing our numbers over 2,000 lbs. That's one ton of garbage!

by Henry Wang
Cat Lake clean up dive completed. We've got 650 lbs of garbage out today and we aren't even done yet. Some interesting numbers? 278 beer cans, 68 beer bottles, and of course...more golf balls. We also pulled out a boat that belonged to the 14th Capilano scout troop. 

Big thanks to Jen BihlmayrWes BihlmayrJohn WebbDave HamlinWayne LefebvreDana Moores, and all of the scout troop that came to help us out.

by Henry Wang
After two weeks of tropical diving, it's time to get back in to the cold waters of BC.  John Webb and I headed back up to Buntzen Lake in Port Moody to scope out the other party area and also to clean up the South Beach.

We were able to get enough information to determine that we need to get a boat to take us out to the other party/drinking area.  So we spent the rest of the time cleaning the South Beach which we are very pleased to say we have completed.

Most notable garbage pulled out was 69 doggie toys due to a dog park that includes part of the lake.  Total weight pulled today is 70.3 lbs which brings our grand total to 1,297.3 lbs.

This weekend, the team is doing the first open clean up, involving a group of local scouts at Cat Lake. Stay tuned. 

by Henry Wang
Video survey completed for Caulfeld Cove.  The District of West Vancouver Parks staff has asked us to provide a video of what is underwater there.  We only captured footage of two out of the four wrecks that we found.  The visibility was not very good so we were only able to capture a close up of the wrecks.  We will be taking a short break from cleaning and resuming our efforts after March 22nd.

See survey video

by Henry Wang
A survey dive has been completed for a public dock area at Cates Park near Deep Cove.  Not too much garbage in the sense of beer bottles but we did find another boat!  So that's five found boats in two weeks. Wow, must be a record somewhere.  This site will be cleaned on May 4th in conjunction with a friend's beach clean up day.  

by Henry Wang
Wow. Some days you just hit the jackpot.  With just two divers in the water today, we went to check out a small government dock area called Caulfeild Cove in West Vancouver.  While the rest of the bay was relatively clear of garbage. We found two sunken sail boats and a two small row boats. Next to the boats was the treasure find!  A large area of bottles and golf balls. Not really sure why it's there but we started cleaning.  Unfortunately it was near the end of our dive and we were both low on air.  We still managed to recover 253.9lbs of garbage, including 60 golf balls and 124 booze bottles.

This brings our total garbage removed since November 2013 to 1,227lbs!

by Henry Wang
The weather was beautiful today. It has stopped snowing, and the sun warmed the air and our bodies as we headed out to Britannia Beach with the goal of removing the large marine battery that is out in the open.  

The dive went better than expected.  We easily brought the battery from it's resting depth of 24 fsw to the water's edge.  We left it there as planned and went back to a wreck nick named Mystery 1.  Somewhere inside the wreck is the remaining bank of batteries but the wheelhouse has collapsed on itself and blocked our path to the batteries.  Unfortunately, it will need to sit there until the wreck has deteriorated enough for us to have access again. This will be years down the road.  

The garbage removed today included the 149.8 lb battery, among other garbage that made up a total of 180.7 lbs of garbage.  

Total garbage removed to-date: 973.1lbs

by Henry Wang
The temperature is hovering around zero and it's been snowing for the past few days.  So cleaning lakes is out of the question, as they are all still frozen over.

So I went back to Copper Cove in West Vancouver and finished cleaning the wall where the octopus dens are.  This would make our first officially finished site.

Total weight of garbge removed 792.4 lbs. 

by Henry Wang
It has been a frustrating few weeks as I am recovering from hitting a tree while backcountry snowboarding (had a partial cast on my right arm for a few days).  Nothing serious but couldn't fit my arm in a drysuit.  Then the lakes froze over.  Sighhh....

The good news is that I have picked up the new aluminum garbage trailer.  Wow, it's big.  Umm....we better go find a lot of garbage!  :-D

Today, a dive buddy who has been out of the water for a few months asked me to go for a check out dive.  We didn't go very far before he flooded his suit and we were only planning to go a short distance from the shore, simply to performs some emergency drills.  However, right at the spot where we were doing the drills, there were four beer/wine bottles.  I wasn't going to resist picking those up. :-P

So a short 23 minute dive, still manage to bring a bit of garbage back with me.  Total garbage weight retrieved todate: 768.4lbs

by Henry Wang
Well, the good news is the custom made garbage trailer is ready.  The bad news is all the lakes are all frozen.  Sigh.... 

It looks like our first open clean up scheduled for Feb 15th will be postphoned.  Stay tuned folks.

by Henry Wang
Well, it looks like it will be short break before we start the next cleaning.  One key diver is ordering a new drysuit after trashing a zipper, one diver is down with a cold, and I am down with an injured arm from a snowboarding accident.  

D'oh!  We will be back at it soon though.

by Henry Wang
Another day and another dive.  We thought perhaps the garbage trailer might be ready for pick up this week so we didn't have anything planned.  We decided at the last minute to head back up to Alice Lake, Squamish to check out the South beach that we haven't been to.  The dive was very hard due to extremely low visibility, low temperatures (3.5 degrees C), and ice.  

Yes, you heard me. Ice!  We had to smash through the ice to enter and exit the water.  Really does not make for pleasant diving but it's done.  50 lbs of garbage came out and John Webb and I are happy campers.

Check out the photos of the ice and garbage. Total garbage removed 761.6lbs.

by Henry Wang
This week, we do not have a cleaning event specifically planned. We are waiting for word from the trailer builder.  It might be ready either this week or next.  If the trailer is ready, we will journey over to Vancouver Island to pick up the trailer and clean a lake over there with the cooperation of Island Forest Stewards.

If the trailer is not ready, we will head off on Thursaday to clean somerthing local based on the short notice.  The public dock down at Caulfeild Park has been suggested.  Apparentyl there dozens and dozens of golf balls down there.  We will let you know either way.

by Henry Wang
Today I met a new dive partner, Terina Hancock from Alberta, and went for a dive at Copper Cove in West Vancouver.  This is my first ocean dive in quite a few weeks so it feels interesting to be back in a body of water that has current and noise of all kinds.

Of couse what meant to be a pleasure dive turned in to a bit of garbage removal.  At the upper wall, the usual array of beer bottles greeted us. I habe always ignored them before but decided to take them with us as I had a cleaning bag in my pocket.

A quick clean up resulted in 50 lbs of garbage removed, including 41 beer bottles, one can, and a golf ball.  There is a lot more bottles left but I only had one bag with me.  I will go back sometime in the future, the garbage won't go anywhere.

Total weight removed to-date: 711.6 lbs. 

by Henry Wang
Despite several of our dive team members not being able to attend the dive, John Webb and I were still able to check out Rice Lake at the Seymour Demonstration Forest on Thursday.  This is one of the more urban lakes we are attemping to clean, and while this lake doesn't really have a "party lake" reputation, it does see a significant amount of fishermen traffic.  

Our goal was to survey and clean the area immediately underneath the fishermen's dock.  The visibility was much better than we had hoped for.  We were expecting about six inches of visibility, so to get about four to five feet of visibility, it was quite the bonus.

The lake did not disappoint us. We were able to retrieve about 82 pounds of garbage in about an hour.  The poor visibility and small size of the garbage made cleaning a slow and tedious process.  We ended up leaving a lot of fishing lines and lures in the water as the entanglement hazzard was just too high.

See survey video

We also made the Squamish local newspaper. Check out the article about our cleaning.  

Total weight removed from lakes so far: 661.6 lbs

by Henry Wang
Really cool that we made the local newspaper for cleaning Buntzen Lake.  


My blog for Project Aware, where we report all of our debris data, was also highlighted in their Action Zone.  http://www.projectaware.org/action-zone

Check it out!  This Thursday we will be heading out to Rice Lake in Lynn Valley.  Five of us will be in the water.  We are expecting extremely low visibility and no previous knowledge of garbage in the lake. So it will be interesting to see what we find.  Stay tuned!

by Henry Wang
Today was a good day at Buntzen Lake in Port Moody.  The plus side is we got a lot of garbage. The down side is we found out after cleaning the cliff jumping area, that wasn't actually the "party" area. That's actually on the other side of the lake.  Sigh, I guess we will need to go back with a bigger cleaning crew.

Today's team consisted of Degan Walters, Jonathan Martin, John Webb, and myself.  In about 45 minutes, we removed 238 lbs of garbage (in an area that we already removed about 160 lbs of garbage in previous dives).  The most impressive numbers so far is 184 beer bottles and 274 beer cans. Of course there were shoes, sun glasses, lighters, pieces of clothing items, plastic cups, and hundreds of other smaller items.

It was a very exciting day for us to finish the cliff jumping area but at the same time we were very disappointed to find out there is an even bigger problem on the other side of the same lake.  I would like to thanks John, Degan and Jonathan for coming out continuously in the cold dark water to do nothing but pull garbage out of a lake.  Today's special thanks goes out to Ryan for sitting topside in the rain so that he can get photos of us at the end.

Total weight cleaned todate is 579.6 lbs.

by Henry Wang
The ice is clear from Rice Lake in North Vancouver. So we just received confirmation from Metro Vancouver that the cleaning is back on.  We are aiming for Jan 16th to do a survey/cleaning.  The visibility is one of the worst, so I am not really expecting very much but we will attempt a cleaning anyway.

Someone suggested that I should post a running total of the amount of garbage we are pulling up. So here it is. Total weight of garbage cleaned so far from all lakes is 341.6lbs.

by Henry Wang
Degan, John, Cameron, and I headed off to Alice Lake Provicial Campground on a rainy Thursday to do a little clean up.  The visibility was absolutely horrible at about six inches.  It really slowed our productivity. The total garbage haul was only 41.6 lbs. The good news is that there is a lot more garbage and we will go back to get it all! 

Pictures of the garbage we collecte is posted.

by Henry Wang
A friend, Erik Stuhlmacher, just email me a donation directly. That brings my fundraising efforts to just over $1,000!! I am so happy to have supportive friends and colleagues that is helping me reach my goal.  Thank you to each and everyone of you.

Next "closed" clean up is scheduled for Jan 2nd and 9th, with a larger "open" clean up in Feb.  The exact date will be annouced soon.  I will be looking for volunteers for the Feb date.  There is a minimum 75 logged dive, and advanced diver certification requirement.  You must have a dive light, cutting device, and a lift bag.   

by Henry Wang
Thank you so much for the support and kind words everyone.  Even though we have only raised about 10% of our fundraising goal, I have already ordered the trailer for garbage hauling.  It will be ready in about two weeks.  The cleaning crew and I are very stoked to get more space to bring the garbage out of there and that we will eventually meet our fundraising goal.

The next clean up date has been set for Jan 2nd and we will likely hit Alice Lake.  We also have confirmed the park rangers at Buntzen Lake will launch a boat for us to get to the garbage site to give us a hand.

It's full steam ahead in the new year!

by Henry Wang
Degan WaltersJohn Webb and I went to Brohm Lake near Squamish to have a look at the extent of the underwater trash. As usual, we weren't disappointed. We each filled a bag with garbage but this time we weren't limited by the number of bags but rather by the temperature of the water. 30 minutes in to the dive in the two degree Celsius water, I was pretty much done. So the remaining garbage will have to wait for another day.

The haul this time included: 25 beer cans, 5 plastic bottles, 33 alcohol bottles, around 150 pieces of various garbage such as glass or metal fragments, sun glasses, dog toys, lighters, and disposable cups/lids.

If you would like to see more garbage removed. You can help by donating.

by Henry Wang
Rice Lake exploratory dive has been postphoned by park manager due to ice.  We wil try again when it warms up in a week or so.

by Henry Wang
A dive partner and I performed a quick video survey of the garbage debris field at an area called Britannia Beach.  We are hoping to remove several of these large batteries that have been left to decay on the ocean floor.  

See survey video



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