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On September 8, San Diego Council on Literacy board member Carrie Scott will celebrate her 25 years of service in literacy programming by taking a “Leap for Literacy” from 13,000 feet! 

In taking this Leap, Carrie's goal is to raise $13,000 to help the San Diego Council on Literacy enhance the availability and quality of literacy services throughout our region. Her Leap, courtesy of Tsunami Skydivers, takes place on International Literacy Day.

Donate to Carrie's Leap for Literacy today!

Then, help us spread the word throughout your social networks by including the hashtag #leapforliteracy 

Carrie Scott's Leap for Literacy! A fundraiser for the San Diego Council on Literacy, a celebration of 25 years of work in literacy programming, and a one big check off the bucket list! 

Carrie Scott
55-year-old literacy program coordinator, literacy volunteer and Oceanside resident

Tsunami Skydivers
480 Airport Road | Oceanside, CA 

International Literacy Day
Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 1 p.m. 

About the San Diego Council on Literacy: The San Diego Council on Literacy unites the community to support literacy through leadership, advocacy and resources. In 2012, San Diego County's 27 affiliated programs provided free literacy assistance to nearly 170,000 adults and children. Learn more at, on Twitter: @sdliteracy, or by calling 888-850-READ.



by Carrie Scott
She did it! Yesterday, Carrie Scott took a 13,000ft Leap for Literacy with the help of the experts at Tsunami Skydivers. Check out the pre-jump coverage from the Union-Tribune here. Also, great photos of Carrie's landing are featured on

You still have one more day to contribute, so spread the word and voice your support for the San Diego Council on Literacy! 

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by Carrie Scott

Hello, friends! 

I just got back from vacation and am excited that there is less than a month until Leap for Literacy!  I had a chance to zipline in Kauai!  I considered that good “practice” for my skydive! 

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous when I stepped off of the treetop platform. I imagined how I would feel when I step out of the airplane door on September 8!  But once I got going, I felt like I was flying!  I can’t wait to have that feeling again—this time from 13,000 feet!

Thanks again for your support! 


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by Carrie Scott

It feels great to know that I am raising funds for the San Diego Council on Literacy.  

The 27 affiliated literacy programs are doing such great work every day to help adults and families
improve their literacy skills.  One of my learners, Cameron, a single dad, now reads to his elementary school-age daughter every night at bedtime. 

Another learner, Christine, told me that she never thought she would ever be able to read, and now she loves to read! 

Please support the San Diego Council on Literacy by making your donation to Leap for Literacy today! -- Carrie

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by Carrie Scott
Dear Friends, 

Wow! Thank you for your tremendous support for Leap for Literacy to support the San Diego Council on Literacy! Some of you have asked me whether this is my husband’s idea—after all, he is an experienced skydiver! But, no, it is 100% my idea! Please join me and the San Diego Council on Literacy in enhancing the availability and quality of literacy services throughout our region by donating to Leap for Literacy. 

Your support means so much!

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by Carrie Scott
A quick shout out to Cody Morris, of the San Diego Council on Literacy, who will be joining Carrie in Leaping 13,000 feet for Literacy!
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by Carrie Scott

My husband is an avid skydiver, so when I told him I was thinking of jumping out of an airplane to celebrate my 25th year as a literacy volunteer, we knew who to turn to: Tsunami Skydivers!

If you'd like to join me in my Leap for Literacy, Tsunami Skydivers is offering discounted tandem skydives on Sept 8! They also will donate $20 per tandem jumper. Exciting! 

Of course, if jumping out of an airplane at 13,000 ft doesn't appeal to you, you always can make a donation instead! :)

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