Brave Stampede protesters need help with legal fees.

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Beneficiary: Vancouver Animal Defense League Organizer: Len Goldberg

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Nobody charges the Calgary Stampede with cruelty to animals when horses die in the Stampede's hellish chuckwagon races--instead, people who peacefully protest that violence get charged. And now they need your help.

On July 4, Marley Daviduk and Samantha Baskerville, volunteers with the all-volunteer Vancouver Animal Defense League (VADL), locked themselves by their necks to the railing on the Stampede's chuckwagon race track, as the opening race was about to begin. Their goal: bring attention to a sordid spectacle that kills horses virtually every year in the name of cheap thrills and $$$. Indeed, on July 8 this year, yet another horse died, during brutal training for the chuckwagon races--a total of 61 dead horses since the 1980s.

Marley and Sam lasted a half hour on the track, till they were carried off by police and charged with the criminal offence of mischief. Consequently, they're achieving their mission for enslaved horses: widespread media coverage of their protest (including CBC, CTV, Global, and dozens of newspapers and radio stations) is further exposing the Stampede's cruel ways, thus building pressure on the Stampede to retire the chuckwagon race and giving tourists good reason to boycott the grisly event.

Now these brave animal defenders need your help paying legal fees to defend themselves and to carry on their work for animals, which will include a VADL campaign to pressure GMC, sponsor of the deathwagon races. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and donations beyond their legal fees would be invaluable in the VADL's future work for animals.

For more info, visit the Vancouver Animal Defense League page on Facebook.

For the horses and their defenders, thank you.
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