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Organizer: Animal Aid International Beneficiary: Animal Aid International

Poor Bebka was rescued in Bulgaria with parvo AND having been kicked so serious that her leg and pelvis and in pieces. Please help us fund her treatment.

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This is the case of sweet little Bebka rescued in Bulgaria. The tiny girl was found helpless on the streets, crying in pain. In turns out she was in very serious condition. Bebka tested positive for parvo, an often deadly infectious disease. Treatment for that started immediately but this illness is so serious and so debilitating that it had to be the only immediate focus of treatment. On top of having parvo, Bebka had likely been kicked so hard that her leg and pelvic bones are shattered. But surgery couldn't be done until the parvo was under control or it would be too much for Bebka's body.

The sweet girl miraculously managed to beat parvo and is now stable. The next phase of her treatment will be no less complicated. The orthopedic surgeon has a very hard reconstructive task ahead of him in trying to put Bebka's lower body back together and in as full of a functioning order as possible. We want to help Bebka every step of the way and give her a chance at health and love. Please donate to this sweet baby's treatment.
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