ArkanSasuke 2014

$150raised of $1,000 goal

Beneficiary: ArkanSasuke Training Course and Boot Camp Organizer: JoAnna Summers

This fundraiser is closed
We built obstacles inspired from American Ninja Warrior at our house and it has turned into an AMAZING training course. We NEVER charge a fee to train or compete and all obstacles were designed, built and payed for by my husband. I'm the full time, onsite medic for the gym and we pride ourselves in saftey
Due to us never charging people or make money from the course we are needing help for our upcoming event, ArkanSasuke 2014! Any and all donations will help improve the course and its safety. Certain equipment must be replaced regularly and is costly. Our nonprofit gym is in need and asking for any help. We strive to offer an amazing and safe place to challenge your mind and body in a fun, free, and unique way. With your help we can continue to spread physical and mental health in a professional and safe setting!
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