All Veteran Nonprofit currently in start-up phase

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Beneficiary: The Hogan's Heroes Foundation Organizer: Mr. Shannon Hogan

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The fundraising money will go to establishing a Nonprofit Organization by paying for the State of Ohio application fee for formation, and cover the initial operation expenses that will allow for purchases of equipment, website, establish local fundraising events and begin the critical mission of teaching businesses how crucial it is to hire veterans who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As a veteran with PTSD, I know all too well the current trend in the private and government sectors about discriminating against veterans with this illness and afflications that hamper our employment prospects.  There have been many times where those who conduct interviews have asked illegal questions about what we have done in combat operations.  Questions like; "Do you have anger issues?" that go unpunished by federal labor agencies, state labor agencies and local government agencies.

Your donations, will help bring about this crucial change to the way veterans are seen by these companies, hiring authorities and foster the productive growth that veterans bring to their employers.  This will also help companies create efforts to allow veterans to continue or to seek out treatment at their Veterans Affairs facilities and enroll in PTSD counseling, without being penalized if the appointments conflict with normal working hours.  As of now, there are no current initiatives, except in a few private companies, that would allow veterans to go to their appointments and not be penalized for missing any work.  The bias is against allowing those veterans any time off or time to address their needs, thus lowering performance, creating highly stressful working conditons and environments and forcing veterans to ignore their symptons of PTSD.

The mission is clear; bring about change to those who have sacrificed themselves on behalf of others and to ensure that our veterans are taken care of.

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