A Miracle For Mike

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While many looked forward to trick-or-treating and costume parties on Halloween night, earlier that day, Mike, a 4 year old Border Collie lay cold and starving to death tied to a box next to his 10 year old Bordie Collie mother, Molly.

Mike and Molly's Good Samaritans noticed from a distance after frequenting the area on their regular travels a stark decline in movement of especially one - unbeknownst at that time being Mike.  Mike was no longer leaving his box as cars passed.  As the days passed and with temperatures declining adding a sharp nip in the air, their concern grew quickly for the animals at this location.  Thankfully they followed their intuititon and contacted Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals for help who in turn advised immediate contact with Jefferson County's voluntary Humane Society Police Officer Debbie McAndrew.  Mike and Molly were immediately seized by Officer McAndrew and brought directly to the Animal Hospital of Punxsutawney to be evaluated by attending Veterinarian Dr. Emily Rapp.  Shortly thereafter, Mike and Molly were owner surrendered to Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals.

At the time of Mike's removal under the authority of Officer McAndrew, Mike weighted a mere 18 pounds - somehow timidly, meekly and desperately - still wagging his tail at the sight of a human.  Mike had the will to stand but only had the energy to take a step or two.  The average weight of a male Border Collie is between 40 - 60 pounds.  Mike's progession of complete emaciation was - and currently remains - comparable to that of a deceased animal.  Mike is a walking carcass.  Indeed it is a miracle that Mike survived.

Molly is slightly thin, about 10 pounds underweight.  She has begun to lose fur.  Molly has lost the majority of her teeth, while others are stained from the metal chain and others yet are broken off due to grawing at the chain she was tied to for who knows how long.  Neurotic chewing and gnawing of her chain to free herself. Neurotic chewing and gnawing with no hope for even a little freedom - ever.  Molly was next in line - against her will and considered expendable - just like Mike.

Mike and Molly's prognosis seems bright.  They are in loving hands with
many, many people who care about what happens to them. 

We are hopeful that Mike will make a full recovery from the neglect and cruel actions that were imposed harshly upon him for no apparent reason.  We are hopeful that Molly will learn to respect herself again as she will never again live at the end of a chain. 

With diligence, all things can be overcome. 

Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals has created this fundraiser in the name of
"A Miracle for Mike" not only to help with costs regarding Mike and Molly but to also continue to expand to create an environment at the Sanctuary for animals in need in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.  One may donate via our Facebook page of Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals, Inc. or via mail to P.O. Box 32, Coolspring, PA  15730.  We can be contacted at 814 849 7466.  Jefferson County Humane Control Officer Debbie McAndrew working under Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals can be contacted at 814 375 1812.

Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals will schedule an anti-cruelty demonstration to be held in Brookville, Pennsylvania soon upcoming.  Date and details will soon follow.

Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals appreciates your donation on behalf of Mike and Molly and on behalf of preventing cruelty to animals.  We are dependent upon community donations and will continue our mission to be pro-active in speaking for the voiceless as well as providing a loving and nuturing home environment for every animal that reaches our door. 

Our plea to you is this.  If you are having difficulty caring for your animals, please contact Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals or Officer McAndrew at the numbers provided above.  We are here to help.  We are here to make sure "things" do not spiral out of control as this situation did.  No animal has to suffer and no human has to pay fines and suffer the social consequences that will surely arise - how can they not?  However, this is not the goal.  The goal is to live in harmony - to help and respect each species for what they are - to do the right thing when no one's looking.  Please contact us if you think you're headed for trouble.  Please contact us if you think your neighbor is headed for trouble.  We can and we will help - but when it's too late, it's too late. 

Please take care of your animals. 

Thank you for helping - and thank you for caring about the animals.

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