Typhoon Haiyan Relief

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Beneficiary: People of the Philippines Organizer: Nathan Betz, Jacklyn Kaiser

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Our names are Jacklyn and Nathan.  We are from Regina, Saskatchewan and will be travelling to the Philippines November 13, 2013. Originally we had planned to visit the Philippines as a vacation. 

We now want to put our energy towards helping these people who are suffering so immensely.

Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the people of the Philippines.  There are thousands dead and many missing. 

We will be doing anything we can to help the people of the Philippines.  The death toll keeps rising and people need shelter, food, water, and clothing.

Any money that is raised on this website will be going directly to the people of the Philippines.  We want to show everyone how much they can help the people of the Philippines.  Your donations will be used towards water purification systems, food, tents, clothes, and medical supplies.

We have been working with the Red Cross in the Philippines and are posted to the island of Coron.

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