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Well, one of the  goals that I am going to do is go to Costa Rica and get immersed in the culture and speak Spanish more fluently.  I will only be gone one month - the whole month of June and will be coming back.  I will be studying at a great Spanish Immersion school called Personalized Spanish. 

The time has come.  So I wanted to let everyone get an opportunity to partner with me to go. I am believing God for $5000 because I know that I cannot do it without Him.  I will be working extra hours, doing fundraisers, applying for scholarships and much more. I will let you know what the progress of the journey and what is happening in Costa Rica while I am there.

Of course, I cannot go somewhere and not assist another organization.  I will also be partnering with Rhema Costa Rica with Pastors Gary & Elena Meador and help where I am needed during that time.  If you would like to read more information, go to and

We are called to transform nations.  I know that many people helping just a little can do so much more.

Please stand in prayer for Rhema Costa Rica, Costa Ricans and that their hearts will continue to be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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