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My search for God and Myself

$1,320raised of $3,000 goal

Organizer: Philip Roomet Beneficiary: Philip Roomet

Over the years I've let God in and out of my life. I feel I've lost my way and I would like to see if I can find my way back. I want to find God and Myself together as one.

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What started as a "Bucket List" item has turned into a need. I would like to travel accross the country and back. I am in search of Myself and God. You could call it a "walkabout". I have come to a point in my life where I feel stuck, lost, trapped. I feel like there is somthing for me to find somewhere, out of my element. I've never really spent ANY time alone. I've always had someone there. I need to truly be ALONE, just for a short while. My plan is to pack up my truck with only my needs and hit the road, traveling west then back east. Stopping in many of the great places this country has to offer. I will be camping during the entire trip. Eating, sleeping, and traveling as humbly as I can. I have posted this fundraiser as a "mission trip" because the mission is to help me. Help me become more spiritual, self aware, and an all around better person.

The Plan: I'd like to leave May 15th and return June 15th I want to take a month to do this so there is no feeling of having to rush. I'm planing on traveling West on a southern route and returning on a more north/central route.
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by Philip Roomet
ive gotten the cap for my truck!! Leave day is FAST approaching!!

by Philip Roomet
Its getting closer!! Youll see that the fundraiser ends AFTER ive already left for my trip. This is so you can donate while im on my trip. As you can see I am still far behind my goal......

by Philip Roomet
GOOD NEWS!!!! My boss is ok with my plans so my trip wont affect my current employment.

by Philip Roomet
I have officially nailed down my leave date of may 15th. 





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