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Molly Goes To Wales

$50raised of $3,000 goal

Organizer: Molly Kinder Beneficiary: Molly Kinder

God has provided an overwhelming amount of support for my trip these past couple of months, but I am not quite to my goal yet. I need to reach $3000 before I leave September 21st.

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Hi friends! As most of you know, in less than 2 months, I will embark on my trip to Wales. I will be spending 10 months abroad with the organization Youth With a Mission in a discipleship training school. We will be taught how to be ambassadors for Jesus and then given an oppertunity to put that training into action. For the first 7 months, I will be in Wrexham, Wales in the lecture phase of the school. The last 3 months will be the outreach phase where the group will live in a foreign environment and follow Christ's calling of making disciples of all nations.
I have a short amount of time to reach my goal, but I know that God will provide because this is what He is calling me to do. 
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