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We have been working to raise money to go to Kenya on a mission trip with our Pastors. We have our plane tickets, now we need our room, board, and enough to cover our bills while away. We have raised a lot on our own, and continue to work on raising the balance needed, and ask for your  help.

My husband Kermit went on a Mission Trip 2 years ago, and I would like to go this time. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 years ago, and has been cancer free for 4 of those 6 years! Praise God! We raised enough for him to go 2 years ago, but now I am feeling led to go with him.

We at our small church do alot of outreaches in our community to help those in need. We do several a year providing free gently used clothing, school supplies, you name it, as well as we have a food Pantry at our church for the community,

As the Word of the Lord says, we want to "go out into all the world and spread the Good News", and this is a way for us to touch a small portion.

To date, we have built a small church, provided clean drinking water by moving wells, built restrooms that will last, provided food to those in need, taken medical supplies, and clothing for the children. We support one of the orphanges as well.

I pray the Lord leads you to give us a helping hand. Thank You!
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