Marijuana Jury Nullification Tour

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Beneficiary: Jury Nullification Tour Organizer: NJWeedMan (Ed Forchion)

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Earlier this year, NJWeedMan, A.K.A. Edward Forchion, notorious advocate of medicinal marijuana usage, planned a cross-country tour in his decked out van called The WeedMobil to embark on a journey from Los Angelas, CA to Forchion's homestead of New Jersey to spread the word about Jury Nullification.  Unfortunately, due to lack of funding the tour was cancelled.

Recently filmmaking brothers Beau and Rob Davis started to discuss with The Weedman about how they could revive the cancelled tour in order to keep the spirit of tour alive.  It was decided that creative media coverage was needed to spread awareness of the forgotten tool of freedom - Jury Nullification.

On the newly revived tour, the crew will stop in towns along the way to educate cannabis users and others about victimless "crimes" and the power of jury nullification in the courtroom.  While on the road, the Davis Brothers will be producing daily content for a video webseries to keep viewers up to date with Forchion's travels in an entertaining and educational light, as well as a feature length documentary about the past decade of the weedman's trials and tribulations through legalland.

Almost one year ago, Beau Davis and liberty activists, Derrick J and Ian Freeman produced a 1.5 hour film called Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree which currently has over 80,000 views and counting.  Check it out on YouTube at:  The Davis brothers would like to bring the same kind of success to Forchion's campaign for freedom, and then some!

What we need:

$500    - 2 Go Pro Cameras
$1200  - Gas for the WeedMobile
$500    - Food Expenses

That's all!  All the rest of the equipment has already been obtained and ready to go.  Help us achieve our goal and we'll work for you to free us all from uninformed jurors!
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