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Every Kid Deserves A Ball

$1,780raised of $1,500 goal

Organizer: El Golazo de Tu Vida USA Beneficiary: The Kids of San Miguel, El Salvador

El Golazo de Tu Vida 2014 is a soccer camp used as a tool to reach endangered children in El Salvador with the love of Jesus Christ. These children as easily targeted by gangster and drug dealers.

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El Golazo de Tu Vida soccer camp is our tool to reach the children who have not been reached by ordinary means. Soccer is the world's number one sport and is a great love for the people of El Salvador. Using this common passion gives us a platform to spread the love of Christ  to these people. But to accomplish our goal we need the means to create a lifelong experience. Every kid deserves a ball, and every kid deserves Christ.
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by El Golazo de Tu Vida USA
Soccer camp in Palmer, TX to raise funds for our trips to El Salvador was a success! Kids learned not just soccer; they learned things that are useful for this life and the next. 1 Timothy 4:8.
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by El Golazo de Tu Vida USA
4 more donations overnight! Just.... AWESOME!!
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