Xzavier's Journey to Heaven

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I was born on April 26th 2010 in Abermarle NC at 1:36pm. Like any 2-year old boy, my curiosity and imagination could span the entire world. My personality was huge, I walked into a room and all the attention was on me and I loved it. I was talking to everyone and if there was music on, I was dancing the night away. My favorite movies included Alpha & Omega, Tangled, Rango and, as any innocent young boy would, absolutely loved Disney's Cars.

I loved chicken nuggets and cheese, though for me, they were better known as "Nummies."

I was a loving child, often offering my small, but warm hugs with an "I love You"...whether I knew you or not, high fives and if you were fortunate enough, "Knuckles." Being in the car with me, you would notice a constant party in my car-seat; dancing came natural to the wondrous boy.

The young model. I often pursued my mommy for her phone, and take pictures of myself, muttering "cheese!" before every snapshot. Here's another secret - I thought I was a power ranger. And my trusty side kicks? My cat who I called "Cabby" and my puppy who I called "Gurl."

Everyday, we will update this page with more fun-facts about our beautiful boy. To celebrate his life, and let the world know that our baby Xzavier was as any young boy is: Innocent, Kind, Curious, Beautiful.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for donating. Thank you for all your prayers.

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