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Tragic loss of an only child

$15,516raised of $16,000 goal

Organizer: Emily, Joanna, & Allie Beneficiary: Jin Liu & Charlie Wang

Santa Barbara stabbing takes the life of 20 year old Weihan "David" Wang, son of Fremont parents Jin Liu and Charlie Wang.

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"I'm a strong mom, I'm a nurse, I'm nice to my patients," she said. "I go to my church a few times a week. I ask God, 'Why doesn't he take me instead of my son?' I don't understand why this happened to me."
Jin Liu and Charlie Wang, the sweetest and most caring couple you will ever meet, tragically lost their only child in the Santa  Barbara stabbing on Friday May 23rd, 2014. Weihan "David" Wang was to celebrate his 21st birthday with his parents this July. David took after his parents with his kindness; a very sweet boy with lots of potential. We cant begin to imagine the hurt and grief this lovely couple is going through.
Jin stated, "I wish I could go in exchange of my son's life," with tears filling her eyes, "I'm just heartbroken. You just can't imagine for a mom."
If possible, we would love for you to show your support and love for this couple. Any donation big or small will be used as the family sees fit for funeral/memorial services and would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave a note as well. 


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