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The Ryan Cole Memorial Fund

$6,800raised of $7,000 goal

Organizer: Jennifer McGillis Beneficiary: Nancy Cole

To help raise money to pay for a memorial service for Ryan cole who's life was cut short in a motorcycle accident on 6/29/14.

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I sit here now unable to make my mind stop racing & my heart stop hurting.  Tonight I got a text that I couldn't believe & raced to town to be with my parents & our close family friend.  When I arrived at her house I just grabbed her & held her & we wept.  When I walked in the police Chaplin was sitting in her living room & she had just been told that her youngest & only surviving child had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  You see as painful as this is it gets worse because this comes 5 days short of 9 years when she found out her eldest son was killed in a car accident.   She has now lost both of her children & no one understands why??? How much can one person take, how much more before she brakes??? We have known this family since Keaton & her recently deceased son were 5 yrs old & in kindergarten together.  They moved in across the street the next year I think & my mom & her became fast friends.  We've shared in each other's pain & sorrow through the loss of Keaton & her oldest son who went to school with my sister.  Now I'm not writing all of this for sympathy & I know this woman doesn't want your pity but what she does need is strength.  Her faith is being seriously tested.  So don't spend your time telling me how sorry you are for her/our loss.... Spend your time using whatever faith it is that you believe & actually send a prayer out to this woman because she needs it more than any of us will hopefully ever have to know.  
Now I have another request & I know that it's asking a lot but as I'm sitting there with her tonight & a highway patrol officer has just informed her of the details of the accident she says "do I have a funeral for him, how do I have a funeral for him? I can't afford it!"  Whether you know this family or not all you need to know is this was a son & a friend & an all around good human being & he deserves a celebration of his life.  If I could just pay for it all I would but that's not possible so if it's only $5 you can spare or $100 it would be beyond appreciated.  If you can make a donation I can pick it up or message me & I'll give you an address to mail it to.  Please help if you can because the last thing this mother needs is to stress about having to pay to bury her baby.
God bless you all & remember life is short & there are no guarantees of a tomorrow, hug your loved ones a little tighter.
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by Jennifer McGillis
Ryan's Obituary

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by Jennifer McGillis
Thank you all for your continued prayers & support.  Just a brief update that a Celebration of Ryan's life is being scheduled for Saturday July 12, 2014 with the time & location still being determined.  I will let you all know more information as I know. 
Have a happy & SAFE 4th of July!!
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