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Organizer: Tricia Scott Beneficiary: The Rees Specht Memorial Scholarship

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5 months ago, the worst imaginable thing happened to my cousins, Samantha and Rich Specht.  They lost their young son in a tragic drowning accident.  No parent should ever outlive their child, and their lives were changed forever.  I am in complete awe of their strength and resolve.  

Rees was a beautiful, loving, happy child, who made all those around him happy as well.  His short time here with us made life all the better for those who saw his smiling face.  

Sam and Rich have started a foundation, ReesSpecht Life in honor of their son, with a very simple tenet, pay it forward.  We should live life this way anyway, but this is a great reminder.  You can (and should) read about their journey thus far on their Facebook page.  

The GOOD Work art show will be up at Fig19 gallery in NYC with an opening night May 23rd, 2013.  If you are in NYC, come!  Why GOOD Work? Because the money is going to something GOOD, of course!  The proceeds will go to The Richard Edwin Ehmer Specht Memorial Scholarship Fund (held in trust by the Smithtown Teachers Association) Rich and Sam are both inspiring teachers and this fund could not be more appropriate. The artists are amazing photographers and artists that you want on your walls!

If you can’t afford to donate, then please pay it forward by being nice to someone today, and tomorrow.  Happiness is contagious.  ReesSpecht is contagious.  And so is love. 

Please get the word out and let’s all be Rees’ Pieces!  Thank you, thank you, our eternal gratitude.

View the artists and their work at this link:



by Tricia Scott
The GOOD Works opening night was a huge success!  We sold lots of beautiful art and photography for the ReesSpecht Scholarship!  It's not over yet, there are a few pieces left and the raffle is still open until the show ends on June 6th.

Donate here and we'll put your name in once for every ten dollars!  

Check out the art and some photos from the opening night.  Thanks to everyone who has donated and bought art for this amazing cause!
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by Tricia Scott
Day one of hanging the show was great.  It's going to be a wonderful exhibit!  Check out the photos for a sneak peek at what's happening at Fig 19!

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by Tricia Scott
We are four days away from the opening and are so excited!  Many thanks to those who have already supported this GOOD cause.  The Good Work website has been updated with more amazing images, please visit it here:

I'll post pictures here this week of the work going up and you'll get a sneak peek!

Much gratitude.

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