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The Carol Fowler Memorial Fund

$3,291raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Friends of Carol and Thomas Fowler Beneficiary: The Carol Fowler Memorial Fund

This is a memorial for Carol Fowler, the victim of a shooting that occurred on Saturday, November 9th 2013 in Black Forest, Colorado.

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On Saturday, November 9th, Carol and Tom Fowler were both shot on their property in Black Forest, Colorado.

Carol died as a result of her injuries and Tom was gravely wounded. Expenses related to this tragedy have begun to mount and Tom's main concern is for the well being of his and Carol's children.

Please help ease their financial burden. The money you donate will go to help cover medical and burial expenses. It will also help the Fowler children.

Any additional funds will be donated to Carol Fowler's favorite charities.

Thank you for your support.
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