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Support fund for the Harkins children

$82,682raised of $100,000 goal

Organizer: Anthony Schulzetenberg & Ashley "Farbo" Schulzetenberg Beneficiary: The Harkins children: Liam, Analee, Jude and Mary Faustina

Sarah Harkins passed away unexpectedly after suffering a brain aneurysm on Monday, July 28th. Your contribution to this fund will assist in the care and well-being of her four children.

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Dedicated to the care and development of her children, Sarah "Schulzetenberg" Harkins devoted her life to designing unique educational programs, nurturing spiritual growth and even as far as making her own homemade toothpaste. As a co-leader in the home schooling co-op and firm believer in this particular method, Sarah single handedly managed the family routine for Liam (7), Analee (5), Jude (3) and Mary Faustina (1) who was born with Down Syndrome. Sarah's absence leaves a massive gap in the lives of these children.

Sarah's husband Eric will need assistance in fulfilling his wife's wishes for the children to have a faith-based education, continue on a wholesome and natural diet, and support a special needs child. The hardship is great and please consider any amount of donation.
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by Anthony Schulzetenberg & Ashley "Farbo" Schulzetenberg
The generous outpouring of love and caring for the Harkins family is truly astounding. Thank you again for all of your donations and messages of love. If there have been any questions about payment receipt, the email address and receiver Ashley Farbo is correct. Please contact the site for further inquiries. 

Much love to you all,
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by Anthony Schulzetenberg & Ashley "Farbo" Schulzetenberg
Thank you for the overwhelming amount of support and prayers from those that knew Sarah in life and those that have been inspired by that life. Sarah's husband Eric is eternally grateful and the giving thus far has eased his burden. Please continue to spread Sarah's story and honor her spirit.
God Bless you all!
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