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Steve Kleczynski's Beautiful Girls

$4,485raised of $25,000 goal

Organizer: Kristen Schifko Beneficiary: Katie Schifko

If the Spirit moves you, please help Katie give her girls the life Steve wanted them to have.

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Today I find myself doing something I never dreamed would ever happen. The Lord called home one of my little brothers. This was my sister's soul mate, best friend, and the father of their two little girls. Steve suffered from a closed-head injury which left his brain no longer alive. Although this was a horrific incident for our family, Steve was an organ donor so all of his vital organs were donated to save the lives of others. He left behind my sister Katie, his daughters Rhylan, 4 years old, and his daughter Charlie, just 8 months old. I ask you all today to look deep within yourselves and contribute anything you can to help my sister and her girls get through this trying time. We appreciate any thoughts and prayers.
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by Kristen Schifko
I want to thank everyone from the bottom of mine and my familys hearts for all of the support you've each shown. It means the world to Katie that she has so many people who love her and are thinking about her in this difficult time.
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by Kristen Schifko
I wanted to thank everyone who was kind enough to make a donation to Katie and the girls. It means more to her and our family than I can possibly put into words. This is a very difficult time for her but I know with lots of thoughts and prayers she will get through this. 
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