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Remembering Jonathan

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Organizer: Deborah MacDonald Beneficiary: John & Cheryl Schaff

Jonathan Schaff, missing for 7 days. No parent should have to endure not knowing the fate of their child.

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Jonathan is a kind, gentle, shy boy that was so full of life. The only child of his dad, John. He dazzled all who met him.
At 23 years old, he has been missing since 4:30am, Jan 18th, 2014. He was last seen leaving a local pub following an altercation.
Local authorities believe he may have been disoriented from a head injury recieved during the altercation & fallen into a local river.
As his family continues down the path of the unknown, the last thing they should have to worry about are finances to cover any expenses they may have.
Please help his parents as they continue their search & travel down the road of grief and healing.
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by Deborah MacDonald
The search of the river by divers & remote video cameras on Jan 30, 2014 have still failed to locate Jonathan's body. The Vermont State Troopers dive team spent over 4 hours on the river, using chain saws to cut through the ice & remote video cameras under the ice, but came up empty at the location where they were almost positive Jonathan would be. It has now been 13 days since Jonathan's disapperance. We will not give up hope.
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