Razak's Memorial Fund

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Organizer: African Youth Basketball Organization Beneficiary: Abdul Razak Shanun Family

This fund is to help pay for costs to cover burial costs for Abdul Razak Shanun and to help his family in Ghana with memorial service. We would like to honor this special young man as best we can.

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We would like to help his family pay for memorial and burial costs. This young man's generosity is unparalleled. He would give anyone the shirt off of his back and now we are asking for help to take care of these final costs. Razak passed from an unfortunate accident on Saturday August 23 2014 in San Diego, Ca. We remember him through the impressions that he left on anyone and everyone that met him.
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by African Youth Basketball Organization
The support shown here is AMAZING. Thank you to everyone who has donated. You are helping a family in their greatest time of need. 
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