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Pura Vida Kira Steger Trevino!!!

$2,150raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: Jackie Kluever Beneficiary: Kira Steger Trevino Fund

Kira Steger Trevino was last seen alive on February 21, 2013. Kira's husband was convicted in October of causing her death. Her family is now planning a memorial for her.

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Kira's motto in life was simple "Pura Vida" which means pure life. She believed in living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment, and keeping family and friends close.

Kira was a wonderful, caring, kind, and selfless person whose life was ended much too soon. Her husband has been charged with her death and is awaiting trial. Kira's body was just recently found.

This fundraiser has been created to assist with defraying the costs incurred during these efforts, as they are quickly adding up. All monies received will be used in the efforts to  bring Kira justice, provide her with a proper memorial, and in all efforts to keep her memory alive.

All of the funds will be deposited directly into the Find Kira Steger Trevino fund. If you are interested in donating in other ways:

If you are interested in donating to the Find Kira Steger Trevino fund:

By Paypal: funds can be directed to

(This is linked to and deposited directly into the River Valley State Bank Find Kira Steger Trevino Fund)


By Check: please make checks payable to “Find Kira Steger-Trevino Fund”

                 And mail to: River Valley State Bank

                                      327 N. 17th Avenue

                                     Wausau, WI 54401

By Cash: can be donated at any River Valley State Bank location.

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by Jackie Kluever
Please feel free to post a message for Kira's family!

Thanks again for all of your support!

by Jackie Kluever
I would love to be able to send personal thank you cards with a picture of Kira to everyone who has donated. If you are interested in receiving one, please email me your name and address to the following email address:

Thank you!!

by Jackie Kluever
I think that we have reached a point in this journey where, more than anything we are asking for your prayers in achieving Justice for Kira. As the jurors deliberate, please, please, send good thoughts, energies, and prayers to all of Kira's friends and family members. Thank you and Pura Vida!

by Jackie Kluever
As the trial continues, and is nearing the end, I ask for continued prayers for justice and that the jurors will come to the right conclusion. Anyone interested in Kira t-shirts or bracelets can contact me at for more information. Pura vida!

by Jackie Kluever we are, 2 days until the start of jury selection. I am sure there are questions as to why this page is still here.The fundraiser has been kept active as the costs will continue to accrue during the trial. Unfortunately with the delay in the trial, rates at hotels also increased. July's rates were typically $20 less PER NIGHT than they will be in September and October, as these months are busier months for the area hotels. At $20 per night, for 5 nights, and a minimum of 3 weeks, that is $300 PER ROOM more than family members were expecting to pay back in July. After the conclusion of the trial will be the process of providing Kira with a beautiful memorial service to honor her life and impact on us all. So, in a nutshell, if you are willing and able to donate, we would much appreciate it! =)

Perhaps more importantly, I wanted to make a short post to ask for the many prayers and thoughts for strength and support that will be needed in order for all of Kira's loved ones to endure this most difficult time. At last, we can start the chapter that begins the process of bringing more closure, and eventually allows us to focus solely on the wonderful person that has brought us all together...Kira. Pura Vida friends!

by Jackie Kluever

Seeing as how it has been so long since the last activity and update on here, I thought it was high time something was posted! While there is not much "news" to report, Kira's story is continuing. With the postponement of the trial (back in July) the costs continue to add up as this requires more travel, more meetings, more court hearings, and more overall expenses, thus this page will continue to exist for several more weeks.

On a side note, the trial is still set to begin September 16th, which is the week of my birthday! So this year I have decided that unlike other years, I do have a wishlist of presents. First and foremost I want justice for Kira and all of her loved ones. Secondly I want peace and healing for all involved. I want closure for everyone. And if any of you have followed the tragic stories of the 3 beautiful ladies who all went missing in such a short period of time in MN (Danielle Jelinek, Kira, and Mandy Matula), I wish for the return of Mandy (Danielle was found just days after Kira).

This page was started as a means of deterring the costs associated with seeking justice, and while it continues to focus on that, I also think the emotional support has been overwhelming as well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

by Jackie Kluever
I apologize for the delay in posting this, I have largely been out of town and not connected to the internet since the fundraiser. I am happy to report that the fundraiser we held was a success! We were surrounded by loving family, friends, and strangers who all came together to help a family be able to seek justice for their beautiful daughter. Kira continues to touch all of our lives! I can personally attest to the fact that even now, she is continually making me a better person and surrounding me with wonderful people I would have never met if not for her.
If you are following Kira's story you likely know by now that the trial has once again been postponed in an effort to make sure all of the evidence can be investigated adequately by both parties. I know that this is just one more step in being sure that Kira sees the ultimate justice. Patience is a difficult thing to have at this time, but in the end, this is the best path to take. With this in mind, we will continue to raise funds for Kira's family, as the expenses continue with every delay. As always, I thank you for your time in following Kira's story and supporting her loved ones in any way that you should choose to do so. Pura Vida!

by Jackie Kluever
We are getting closer and closer to the benefit for Kira's family!!! It is scheduled for this Thursday at Burger Moe's in St. Paul, MN from 5-9 p.m. There will be raffles, live music, auction items, FOOD, great company, and a wine toast to Kira to end the evening!! Hope to see you there!!

by Jackie Kluever
A group of us participated in a ballon release for Kira this past weekend. Please enjoy the pictures! What wonderful bonds and relationships that have been formed through this. Once again, Thank you Kira!

by Jackie Kluever
As always, I want to continue to thank all of you who have helped the family and friends of Kira throughout this entire ordeal. It occured to me that with Kira being found, there may be questions as to why we are continuing fundraising efforts, so I thought I would outline some of the expenses. In the process of seeking and achieving justice for Kira there have been numerous pre-trial hearings and meetings with law enforcement, legal teams, counselors, and media. Kira's family and a good many friends live a minimum of 3 hours away, with some as far away as Louisiana and Texas. What this translates to are the expenses of lodging, food, and travel/transportation (gas, car rentals), not to mention time off from work. In just a short time, we will be starting the trial itself, which is expected to last a few weeks, again, with all of the expenses or losses of income listed above. Aside from the trial, there is also the matter of a memorial service for Kira. She deserves to be put to rest with the utmost respect and beauty. As many of us know, memorial services are never cheap. I hope this answers and resolves any reservations anyone may have. Again, thank you, and as Kira would say...Pura Vida.

by Jackie Kluever
With the finding of Kira, one prayer has been answered. We have brought her home, and now can start the healing process of that chapter in this story we are all living. With her return however, opens many other chapters, some of which will require a whole different set of coping skills and supports from our friends and families. We THANK each and everyone of you who has donated time, money, ideas, childcare, whatever it is that you did in order to bring Kira back to us. THANK YOU THANK YOU. We continue to ask for your support as we now face the task of justice, honor, and peace for Kira.

by Jackie Kluever
Well another week has come and gone, another great group of searchers showed up to help us bring Kira back home. No luck this week, but it feels like we are getting closer, with every search and every person out there looking. As always, we thank all of you who have donated or even taken the time to look at this site. It gives us great strength knowing how many wonderful angels God has down here among us. Thank you!

by Jackie Kluever
Today we wrapped up another day of searching. Kira continues to shine down on us, keeping us focused and determined! Tomorrow our searching continues at Bunker Hill. We want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read about such a sensational woman, and for all your thoughts and prayers you are sending!

by Jackie Kluever
Well we completed our searches this past weekend, without much to report. With that being said, we were able to mark off some more ground area in the search to bring Kira home. If you are interested in following the search progress, you can follow us on Facebook at "Help Find Kira Steger Trevino." I know that Kira continues to strengthen all of us today and that she is looking out for each and everyone of us. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for any donation you may have given!

by Jackie Kluever
This weekend marks another weekend in which many of us will gather in an effort to bring Kira home! Kira has truly touched so many lives, even without having ever met some of them. I thank you to all who are helping in any way possible, and please know that Kira is watching over every one of us!

by Jackie Kluever
Thank you for taking the time to read a little about Kira! She was truly a WONDERFUL person who brought joy to so many. We miss her everyday, but we also know she is with us, always.





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