Prentice Dietrich- Smith Memorial Fund

$3,083raised of $15,000 goal

Beneficiary: Dietrich Family Organizer: Melisa Newby Sidle

This fundraiser is closed
This site was set up for a few things. First and foremost funeral expenses.. Then the headstone. Which is $2,500.. Then whatever else we can raise will go to Miranda Dietrich and her children.. The loss of any family member is difficult to live with but losing a child in such a manner is incomprehensible.. Miranda needs support right now, in everyway. Her job has let her go, and she is not yet able to get back to her routine of life. I ask all of you who are reading this, if you have gotten this far and can do anything for this family it would be such a blessing. No amount of anything will bring back her child, but atleast with this some thkings will be able to be taken care of and mom can have her time to grieve and start her life again. Thank you all for the support...

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