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Please Help Bring Christopher Home

$8,670raised of $12,000 goal

Organizer: The Family of Chris Caver Beneficiary: Christopher Caver Family

Please help us to bring Chris Caver home, after his life was tragically taken in Lima, Peru. Donations are desperately needed.

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Please help us bring Chris home, so he can be put to rest near his family and friends in the town he grew up, in the country he proudly served and loved.  Right now Chris is in Peru.  He relocated there two years ago, in order to be close to his fiancé.  To Chris, his life was perfect.  He’d found the love of his life, became a loving father to her two children to which he was very close, and was attending college to accomplish his dream of becoming an attorney.

On the evening of September 1, 2013, Chris walked to the local grocery store, in the quiet neighborhood he lived, in Lima, Peru.  With his purchase of dog food in hand, he proceeded to walk home.  Shortly after leaving the store, Chris was threatened by an armed gunman.  A struggle ensued and Chris was successful in stopping the robbery attempt.  He then continued his walk home.  Moments before reaching home, the robber and an accomplice drove up behind Chris and shot him multiple times in the back.  At the young age of 34, Chris tragically lost his life.

Chris was a good man.  A soldier that spent nine years of his life proudly serving our country, with unwavering dedication, in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He had finally found the solace he had been searching for, after a whirlwind life in the military.  Family and friends alike were thrilled that Chris had found a simpler, calm existence that he desperately sought.  He was in a place he cherished; with a loving woman he treasured and planned to spend the rest of his years.  He deeply loved his family and friends and was deeply loved by all in return. 

As his family we need and are asking for your help to make it possible to bring Chris back to us.  Donations can be made through this website or through any Wells Fargo Bank branch to the Christopher Caver Memorial Fund.  Words cannot begin to express how grateful we are for any help you are able to give.    

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by The Family of Chris Caver
Christopher is finally home and was laid to rest yesterday. The family would like to thank everyone who helped make that possible and kept us in your thoughts and prayers. God bless all of you.

by The Family of Chris Caver
The family is deeply touched by all the love and support they have been shown. Thanks to all of you who have so generously given a donation. We will be having a memorial service for Christopher on September 28, 2013. Information is in the link below:

by The Family of Chris Caver
A great big thank you to eveyone who has made a donation. We will forever be grateful. Please continue to sharing this site with your friends. We still don't know when Christopher's body will be released. Please, please keep the family in your prayers.

by The Family of Chris Caver
Thanks for your donations. They are very appreciated. 

by The Family of Chris Caver
Thank you to everyone who has so generously given a contribution. Please know that we greatly appreciate your help. God bless all of you.





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